Recognizing Signals of Approaching Death

If your significant other is starting to age, you may have started considering the possibility of his death. You may be able to ease your mind, one way or the other, by educating yourself about approaching death. Here are some key signs your loved one is nearing the final stages of death.Dying is a process that begins well before death occurs. For the elderly, the process of passing on is gradual. All the symptoms do not manifest themselves instantly. Life is a beautiful and difficult journey that ends with one’s essence leaving the body. Certain incidents in the journey are like milestones occurrences and also warn you of the approaching death.Your family member knows that the end of his life is definitely approaching. Acceptance of death usually begins a few months before the death actually occurs. It is essential he accepts his mortality. This can be hard for him to accept. But when he does, you may begin to notice him withdrawing somewhat from his surroundings. Family life and daily activities do not have the appeal that they had before. Once he realizes that he is soon going to be away from this world he will begin to separate himself and act more reserved.The human being is an emotional animal, a person dies much inside before his body actually expires because of his family’s emotional attachment. He will not have the attraction towards his once favorite dinner and I’m quiet sure Aunt Betty’s cookies won’t be of much appeal either. Because he understands that his death is approaching, he may begin to feel he doesn’t need to eat anymore. Dying bodies do not need the nourishment that they once did. Try to stay calm. Even though you may recognize this sign of approaching death, your loved one is not starving. Our bodies are made to change their chemistry to ensure that needs are met. Even if he is eating less, it is because he is not hungry and he is not suffering. This is simply included in the process of dying.He will begin having changes in his mental status the nearer he gets to death. You can expect to see your loved change mentally during the final days of his life. Perhaps, most prominent, will be the increase in time spent sleeping. God has created this world and he knows how to prepare one for the hurdles he is going to face, so each creature on this earth has its own way of facing his end. Another thing you can expect as your loved one nears death is sometimes intense disorientation and euphoria. In addition, it’s quite common to hallucinate.Changes will begin to appear on his body. Your loved one will show signs of their passing through physical changes in the days before death. You will notice physical changes, such as a drop in body temperature and blood pressure. He may have an irregular pulse and begin to perspire more. His nails and lips could turn light shades of blue. He might begin turning pale also. Changes in breathing patterns are normal. Such are physical symptoms that death is near.At the end of his life, he may seem more energetic than in recent times. Energy levels may rise shortly before death occurs. His enthusiasm might go up, and he’ll wish to socialize with friends and family. And he may even take an interest in Aunt Betty’s cookies again. This burst of energy typically lasts for just a short time. Nothing is permanent on this world, everything good or bad has an end, even though we are aware of our death still we fear of dying.The hands and feet of your loved one’s may appear mottled with discoloring. His breathing may be labored, and his responses minimal, at best. He will be able to hear you in his dying moment, even though he might seem at rest. Spotting these signals tells you that it’s time to say goodbye because the end is approaching.

What Are the Differences Between Black Metal and Death Metal?

Black Metal and Death Metal are two of the main forms of extreme metal, and often get confused due to some of their aspects including distorted guitars, blast-beats and non-traditional vocal styles, as well as the fact that they appeared approximately during the same period: middle eighties for Death and late eighties/early nineties for Black.In this article, we will go through the main differences between Black Metal and Death Metal.
First of all, to illustrate these differences here is a quick list of some of the most notable Black Metal and Death Metal bands. You can look them up on YouTube or Grooveshark.- Black: Wolves in the Throne Room, Von, Agalloch, Ceremonial Castings, Vesperian Sorrow, Xasthur
– Death: Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Pig Destroyer, Nile, Becoming the Archetype, DeathMain differences between Black Metal and Death MetalI. Generalities
In both Black Metal and Death Metal, there are several musical effects that are aimed at. Bands of the two genres don’t simply play “catchy” music, although it often helps, they try to play dark and atmospheric music.In Black Metal, the songs will generally have a monotonous and atmospheric feel to them, while in Death Metal songs will be more focused on technicality and heaviness, although atmosphere is also quite important.- BM: monotony, atmosphere
– DM: technicality, heaviness, atmosphereII. Lyrics
In both Heavy Metal genres, lyrics have a major importance, almost as much a the music itself. Of all the differences presented here, lyrics are often the easiest and most evident way to categorize a band. But it isn’t always the case: some bands can play Death Metal with Black Metal lyrics, and vice versa.In both cases, the lyrics are often hard to understand due to the non-conventional singing. In Black Metal, lyrics will mostly be about Satanism and religion (ex: Ceremonial Castings), rituals (ex: Von), occultism (ex: Demoncy), nature or winter (ex: WiTTR or Agalloch) or even introspection (Xasthur).On the other hand, a lot of Death Metal acts will sing about Death and gore (ex: Cannibal Corpse), horror (ex: Suffocation), politics (ex: Dying Fetus) or others topics like ancient Egypt (ex: Nile).- BM: Satanism and religion, rituals, occultism, nature, winter, introspection
– DM: Death, horror, gore, cannibalism, politicsIII. Vocals
As previously stated, both vocal styles are non-conventional, but they still have their differences. Once again, this is not an absolute truth, some Black Metal bands use Death Metal vocals. The opposite is less common.In Black Metal, the vocals are mostly shrieked and high pitched, whereas in Death Metal the vocals are mostly growled and low pitched. Traditionally, the Black Metal vocals are less present and usually only come in after several minutes of instrumental play, whereas the Death Metal vocals are heard throughout the whole song. This aspect isn’t really respected these days anymore, in fact the tendency is inverting itself.- BM: mostly shrieked and high pitched, less present than in DM
– DM: mostly growled and low pitched, more present than in BMIV. Guitars
In both styles the guitars are accompanied by heavy distortion. In most Black Metal songs, the guitar work is composed of only three or four riffs repeated throughout the whole song (ex: the song Satanic Blood by Von, composed of only one riff). Song structures are very basic and one riff can be repeated up to thirty times in order to create more atmosphere. Tremolo picking is used continuously throughout the song and solos are a rarity and are mostly very simple.Death Metal guitar work is composed of several very technical riffs, tremolo picking is used but alternated with other playing styles. The song structures are very complex and don’t follow any defined patterns. Death Metal guitar solos are some of the most complex and technical solos in Heavy Metal.- BM: repetitive, a lot of tremolo picking continuously, three or four riffs per song, riffs are repeated monotonously, very basic song structures
– DM: short riffs, tremolo picking used but alternated with other playing styles, very technical, a lot of riffs, riffs change a lot, complex song structuresV. Bass
Black Metal bass players often have a relatively easy task to follow, as the bass is not used much. Most of the time, the bass is almost inaudible and simply follows the guitar lines.Quite the opposite of Death Metal, actually, where bass guitars are almost as important as electric guitars. In Death Metal, the use of bass is very technical and often follow a very complex pattern. Bass solos aren’t a rarity, and the bass is often used to add heaviness to the track.- BM: not used much, mostly inaudible, follows guitar lines
– DM: used a lot, very technical, adds heaviness to the guitarVI. Drums
Black Metal drumming is characterized by fast and very repetitive patterns, mostly composed of continuous blast-beats. A good example is the song Satanic Blood, by Von. Death Metal drumming is characterized by fast drumming as well, but also very technical and complex drum patterns. Blast-beats are employed, but alternated with other playing styles.- BM: fast and very repetitive, blast-beats
– DM: very fast and technical, not repetitive, complex rhythms, blast-beats are employed but varied with other playing styles